Stay or Go (Home Evacuation Flagging)

The City is trialling Stay or Go – a Home Evacuation Flagging system which aims to help emergency crews save time, homes and even lives.

About the Stay or Go trial

Homes in Banjup and parts of Jandakot will be supplied with green (you’ve gone) and orange (you’re staying) bags. These bags are placed over the standard council bin at the front of your driveway during a bushfire emergency or other major emergency.

If you are leaving your home for a safer place, you should display the green side of the bag. If you have chosen to stay and defend your home, you should display the orange side of the bag at the front of your property. These actions help emergency responders by saving them time as they won’t have to knock on doors to alert people.

Please note that participation in this trial is voluntary.

Green means I’ve gone

Use a green bag placed over your standard green council bin as a flagging device when you are leaving your property and when you are confident no other people remain at the property. You should only use the green bag flagging system when you have enough time to do so. Your safety comes first.

Displaying the green home evacuation flagging bag over your council rubbish bin at the front of your property during an emergency indicates to the authorities that you’ve left your property. This allows police or other emergency authorities to prioritise checking on other properties where no green bag is displayed, saving time and potential lives.

Orange means I’m staying

Use an orange bag placed over your standard green council bin as a flagging device when you have chosen to stay and actively defend the property. You should only choose to actively defend if your property is prepared to the highest level, you have a well-developed and practised emergency plan and you are confident that you are physically and mentally capable to defend.
Displaying the orange home evacuation flagging bag over your council rubbish bin at the front of your property during an emergency indicates to the authorities that you have chosen to stay and defend.

Bushfire warning levels

The following are standard bushfire warning levels issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services:

A fire has started but there is no immediate danger. Stay alert and monitor your surroundings. Issued at 11am and 4pm unless the situation changes.

Watch and act
A fire is approaching and conditions are changing. Put your bushfire survival plan into action. Either leave for a safer place or if you’re well prepared, get ready to actively defend your home. Updated every two hours unless the situation changes.

Emergency Warning 
You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive. Leave for a safer place if the way is clear. If you haven’t prepared your home, your safest option is to leave. Updated every hour unless the situation changes.

All clear
The danger has passed but you need to remain vigilant in case the situation changes.


If I evacuate, will my possessions be safe?

Emergency responders will be working in the area and it is likely anyone entering a marked property will be noticed and investigated. If time allows, lock your property when you leave.

If I display the orange bag, can I rely on the help of emergency responders?

If you choose to stay and defend your property, it is important that you DO NOT rely on emergency responders to help you. The primary concern of emergency responders is to save lives, they may be assisting elsewhere and may have limited resources.

Why do we need this system?

Time is critical for successful evacuations in fast-moving emergencies. Property-by-property checks by emergency authorities are time consuming. The green bag flagging system allows them to move faster through an affected area. This could save lives! If emergency authorities are confident you’ve left for a safer place, they can check other properties.

Should I wait until I’m told to evacuate?

During an emergency, the safest option is to evacuate early. Leaving at the last minute
could be deadly. Take advice from emergency services personnel and keep up-to-date by checking information from a range of sources.

What if I have a disability or limited mobility and need to evacuate?

If you have a disability or are unable to move easily, contact WA Police on 131 444 as soon as possible to let them know your circumstances. They will provide advice on what to do. If you have a hearing or speech impairment call 106 in a life threatening emergency.

Could the bags be blown away or burnt?

This is always a risk, but any flagging objects could be damaged in an emergency situation. If the bags blow away or are damaged, the property will be checked as if it had not been flagged at all.

How can I stay up-to-date during an emergency?

During an emergency, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) issues alerts and warnings through a variety of sources including:
• Department of Fire and Emergency Services
• ABC Radio and 6PR
• DFES on Twitter.

More information and contact

Please contact the City’s Emergency Management and Projects Coordinator to request a Home Evacuation Flagging bag or for more information on the Stay or Go trial on 08 9411 3444 or at

The Stay or Go Project has been made possible with funding from the All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) Program. 
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