Changes to verge collections

At its 9 June Ordinary Council Meeting, the Cockburn Council made a decision to revamp its verge collection service. This decision has been made primarily to ensure that the City can hit landfill reduction targets set by the State Government.
Under the proposed new model, residents will be able to book a collection, instead of waiting for the City’s scheduled collection dates. Two collections – one green waste and one bulk verge collection – will be available for each household to book per year and six trailer passes will continue to be provided.
It will take the City two years to make the necessary preparations to transition to this system, with an implementation date of July 2024. Until then, collections will continue to occur on their normal dates.
For more information, please see the FAQ below.

What is happening to the verge collection service?

The City of Cockburn’s Verge Collection Service will be revamped and converted to a pre-booked system by July 2024, following a decision by Cockburn Council at the 9 June 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting.  


Does that mean the service is ending?

No - the service will continue, just in a new form.  

We know that the verge collection service is highly valued by our community. It is important we continue to offer this service to our residents, while adapting it to be more environmentally sustainable and convenient 

What is a pre-booked service? How is it different to the current service?

The current service schedules two green waste and two bulk waste collections on set dates throughout the year. 

Under the new model, residents will be able to book their collection when it is convenient for them. Two collections – one green waste and one bulk verge collection – will be available for each household to book per year. 

This is not a skip-bin service. Residents will still place waste on their verges for collection like the current service.

When will this change take place?

It will take the City two years to make the necessary preparations to transition to this system, with the new service starting July 2024.  

What happens in the meantime?
Until July 2024, collections will continue to occur on their normal dates. See the Verge Collection webpage opens in a new window for your suburb’s collection dates
Why did Council decide to make this change?

There are many benefits to the pre-booked system. 

As our population has increased, the current scheduled system has been stretched to its limit – resulting in increased wait times and delays to pick-ups. The bookable system will reduce the amount of time that waste is out on the verge in our neighbourhoods.  

Other Local Governments which have implemented pre-booked collections have seen their waste recovery rate rise. This means more waste is reused or recycled, instead of going to landfill. This is better for the environment and more cost effective in the long run.  

It will also provide much greater flexibility for residents. Allowing them to book a collection when they need it, rather than being tied to the City’s pick-up schedule. 

Is this a skip-bin service?

No, this is not a skip-bin service.

The new model will still function as a verge collection. Residents will simply be able to book their collection when it is convenient, rather than waiting for scheduled dates.

Did the community have a say in this process?
Yes. Community consultation was held in June-July 2021. More than a thousand residents participated in an online survey, community workshops, Facebook Live pop-up sessions and face-to-face discussions. A summary of the consultation and its results can be viewed on the Comment on Cockburn webpage opens in a new window.
Did the community want the service to change?

The community consultation showed that residents highly valued having a verge collection service and are generally satisfied with the current service. 

However, they also reported experiencing challenges with the length of time waste is left on the verge, the general street untidiness the service causes, and would like to see improved resource recovery. 

78.5% said they would or might consider a pre-booked system. 

Is the pre-booked service cheaper than the scheduled service?

In order to maintain the current scheduled system, its resourcing would need to be doubled to keep up with the rising population and increased waste generation. 

This was budgeted to cost: $3,296,000. 

Implementing the new pre-booked system was budgeted to cost: $3,426,000. 

However, the improved resource recovery rate of a pre-booked system will result in long term financial benefits – such as revenue from diverted waste streams and a reduction in the amount of material being sent to expensive landfill sites. 

There are also many other benefits to the pre-booked system including improved environmental sustainability, neighborhood amenity and flexibility for residents. 

Will the number of collections be reduced in the pre-booked system? And if so, won’t this be inconvenient for residents?

We understand residents may miss having four collections a year. 

However, the pre-booked service will allow residents to book collections when it is most convenient for them, rather than tying them to scheduled dates. This means the pre-booked collections deliver more bang-for-the-buck.  

This is backed by research by the Western Australian Local Government Association, which shows that the amount of hard waste collected by Local Governments providing one collection a year is nearly identical to the amount generated per household from two collections a year.   

Will this affect my trailer passes?
No, property owners will retain their six trailer passes. 
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