Nearer to Nature - Spring Holidays

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Friday, 1 October 2021

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School Holidays
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About the event

Ocean Heroes 9.30-11am

Become an ocean hero as you discover the effects pollution has on the marine environment. Can you save the animals in a food web challenge and help clean up the ocean? Did you know there are about 18,000 pieces of plastic rubbish floating every square kilometre of the world’s oceans! This pollution has a huge impact on dolphins, whales, seals and turtles. Become an ocean hero as you discover what happens to rubbish once it enters the waterways, how it interrupts an animal's food web and find out what you can do to help. Once you have finished saving the marine wildlife, you will get to make your own recycled jellyfish kite to take home!
  • Discover what impacts rubbish has on the marine environment
  • Group natural and pollution items as a group
  • See the effects pollution has on a small-scale marine environment
  • Become mum and dad birds and find the healthy fish to feed your babies in a rely style game
  • Put on super-hero masks to save the sea animals and shells who are tangled or caught in rubbish (using figurines and rubbish)
  • Make a jellyfish kite from recycled materials
  • Go for a short walk to look at the water, see if there is any rubbish around and what has been put in place to minimise rubbish (bins)

N2N Survivor Challenge 1-2.30pm

Join us for survivor style team activities as we explore the challenges overcome by marine ecosystems every day. Crawl through the reef obstacle course, dodge predators in the intertidal zone and see which team comes out victorious in survivor style team challenges. These tasks will allow you to discover how sensitive reef ecosystem are, the importance of all that sand in the dunes, how tough animals need to be to live in the intertidal zone and just how many animals live in the open ocean.
  • Go through the different ecosystems (dunes, intertidal, reef and open ocean)
  • Look at erosion as a challenge for the dune ecosystems by looking at wind and water erosion
  • Discover what lives in the intertidal zone and the challenges they face (tidal movements and sun) and talk about the animals adaptations and play a game to see how well their adaptations help the animals survive
  • Look at the challenges reef ecosystems face (humans, sedimentation, bleaching, boats) and go through a relay to protect a delicate reef ecosystem while avoiding the challenges/threats
  • Look at the open ocean ecosystem and the challenges it faces in a food web race. Construct a food web and discover what happens if humans overfish and a species is removed from a food web- look at the knock on effects


Near to Nature in partnership with the City of Cockburn is offering residents 50% discount for their Spring school holiday activities at the Coogee Maritime Trail (limited numbers avalable so book in quick!).

*The closest public toilets that also provide a Changing Place, baby change table and outdoor shower can be accessed from Maraboo Loop, near the Ngarkal Beach Water Park (view Google Map). Toilets are also available at the Port Coogee Shopping Centre on Marine Parade.

Full price: $12 Discovery
Club Members or $14 Non-members

Ocean Heroes: Residents 50% discount code: COCKBURN04 (10 places only)
N2N Survivor Challenge: Residents 50% discount code: COCKBURN05 (10 places only)

Near to Nature in partnership with the City of Cockburn is offering residents 50% discount for their Spring school holiday activities at the Coogee Maritime Trail (limited numbers avalable so book in quick!).

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Event location

Coogee Maritime Trail

Omeo Park,
Socrates Parade
North Coogee, WA 6163

The available map is equipped with additional accessibility features including in-map voice and accessible colour choice. If you would like to access these features, please make sure they are switched on.


More information and contact

Contact Title Sustainability and Environment


Phone 08 9411 3444

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