Upgrade and temporary closure to Solomon Road, Treeby

As part of the conditions of the development of the Calleya Estate in Treeby, approximately 800 metres of Solomon Road from Jandakot to Dollier Street will be upgraded to a higher standard. To allow completion of the works in the shortest possible time, this section of Solomon Road will be closed in early 2020 for approximately three to four months.

Why is part of Solomon Road temporarily closing?

The existing Solomon Road is a rural standard, two lane undivided road in this section and must be reconstructed to a higher standard for the adjacent development and increasing traffic volumes.
For the signposted speed of 70 kph and the intersections with side roads, the road must comply with current design standards for sight distance, street lighting and a central median island to protect vehicles turning into the side roads. A higher standard of safety for pedestrians and bicycle riders is also required.
The existing vertical alignment has to be significantly flattened to comply with the required design standard for safety. The depth of cut will be up to 1.5m below existing road levels and hence pose significant challenges for the construction method. There will be about 3,000 cubic metres of cut to fill on site and about 8,000 cubic metres of material removed off site.
Such a significant reconstruction of the road, if attempted in stages to try to maintain one lane of traffic flow, would result in a much longer disruption to traffic in the area than a complete closure for a shorter time period.

Are there other alternatives?

The City has been working with Georgiou Group to investigate viable ways of retaining at least one lane of traffic flow during the works. With the differences in road levels between existing and design levels, reconstructing this section of Solomon Road would require multiple stages and disruption for traffic of more than twice the stated closure period, with the associated safety risk to traffic and construction staff.

Will there be diversions in place?

There will be two diversions in place for the duration of the works:
  • From Solomon Road along Cutler Road and Prinsep Road to Berrigan Drive
  • Jandakot Road and Warton Road to Armadale Road
Rural residents on the west side of Solomon Road will have permanent access via the current northern carriageway of Solomon Road throughout the closure period. Peppworth Place will remain accessible throughout the works. Treeby residents will be able to access Clementine Boulevard onto Jandakot Road, and from Ghostgum Avenue onto Armadale Road.
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