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The State Government’s Murdoch Drive Connection project is under construction. This connection comprises the extension of Murdoch Drive south from Farrington Road to provide connections to the Roe Highway and Kwinana Freeway.

This project has been planned for more than 10 years and is intended to reduce congestion, provide better access to Fiona Stanley Hospital and help the Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) meet its economic potential as a major employment and research centre.

On 10 May, 2017, the State Government announced that instead of progressing with the Perth Freight Link, the funds would be re-allocated to three new projects, including the construction of Murdoch Drive Connection to begin almost immediately.

The initial concept plan, released by Main Roads WA in May 2017, showed the new link road as an ‘at grade’ intersection with Farrington Road.  This design would have caused ‘gridlock’ along Farrington Road, especially between Bibra and Murdoch Drive, making local traffic movement very difficult. Following lobbying from the City the Government agreed to additional funding and modified the design to include a bridge over Farrington Road. 

This became the first of many actions the City subsequently undertook to manage the impact of this project and produce a workable design.
Additionally, the City has allocated $2m to upgrade the Farrington Road to Berrigan Drive/Karel Avenue intersection. The City is also seeking financial support from Jandakot Airport Holdings to undertake upgrades to the Berrigan Drive section into Jandakot Airport. These road improvements will reduce congestion and significantly improve local access onto the Roe Highway.

Community Consultation

This is a State Government project so the majority of consultation has been led by Main Roads WA.
In August 2017, Main Roads WA released a concept layout in response to community concerns about the impact of increased traffic on Farrington Road and Bibra Drive.
Main Roads WA held a community Information session on Saturday 19 August at Lakeside Recreation Centre, North Lake, with the event publicised via mailout, Facebook and newspaper ad to residents in North Lake, Bibra Lake and Murdoch Chase. About 300 to 350 residents attended.

Community feedback from the session expressed strong opposition to a proposed cul-de-sac on Bibra Drive (to restrict the northbound movement to Farrington Road) and reservations about direct access from the Murdoch Drive Connection to Bibra Drive.
In September 2017, the concept was refined further to remove the cul-de-sac and Murdoch Drive would pass over Farrington Road, with connectivity to the Murdoch Activity Centre from the east and west maintained via a northbound spur from the existing Allendale Entrance roundabout, which intersected another new roundabout on Murdoch Drive.
In September 2017, Main Roads formed a Community Reference Group (CRG) to provide input into the project.  However, following ongoing concerns about the impact of the project on the local roads for several months, Main Roads WA halted its public consultation and instead negotiated with the City of Melville and the City of Cockburn about the possible options and routes.
Concerned about the impact on local roads and local residents, the City of Cockburn engaged a traffic engineering firm (Cardno) to model traffic movement across the surrounding road network. See the report in related documents below. The modelling validated concerns raised by the City of Cockburn, the CRG and the Bibra Lake Residents’ Association.  As a result, the City proposed a new concept (known as Option Four), which modified the design and removed access off the Murdoch Drive Connection onto Bibra Drive. This option would still allow the new link road to achieve its strategic objective, but without causing overcapacity on the surrounding road network. The reports on the assessments of  Option Two and Option Four, undertaken by traffic engineering firm Cardno can be seen in the related documents below. The City also commissioned Cardno to undertake a traffic volume scenarios report in November 2017. This report can be viewed in the related documents below.
On Tuesday 21 November, the Bibra Lake Residents Association (BLRA) hosted a special meeting at Cockburn ARC to assess public support for the City’s proposed Option Four, publicising the event via its Facebook page. The outcome was that the BLRA started a petition calling on the State Government to support the City’s preferred option. The BLRA ran a publicity campaign on Facebook and did a local mail out to seek support for this petition.


On January 2018, the WA Transport Minister, the Hon Rita Saffioti MLA, announced that the State Government would proceed with Option Four. The City welcomed the decision because, while it is a compromise, it was far better than all of the other options tested; it would also have the least detrimental impact on Bibra Drive, Hope Road and Progress Drive. With the route now decided, Main Roads WA has recommenced public information sessions.
Under the adopted design, access from Bibra Drive onto the Murdoch Drive Connection is retained; enabling residents access to the Murdoch Activity Centre and Fiona Stanley Hospital.
View the approved Murdoch Drive Link route
Main Roads will host further information sessions in March 2018.


Early works began late 2017 and Main Roads advises completion is expected late 2019.


Visit the Main Roads WA Murdoch Drive project website page for more information or Main Roads WA contact page on their website

Murdoch Drive Link FAQs

What is happening now and why is Murdoch Drive being upgraded?
Connecting Murdoch Drive to the Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway was identified as a key component of the Murdoch Specialised Activity Centre Structure Plan, first endorsed by the State Government in 2007 and revised in 2014.
  • The Structure Plan states that “...the success of the activity centre will depend upon the staged delivery of key transport infrastructure to ensure an appropriate level of accessibility to and within the centre, in particular the provision of a southern access route.”
  • The project will provide access to Fiona Stanley Hospital from the south for patients and emergency vehicles. The project will help the Murdoch Activity Centre meet its economic potential as a major employment centre based around health, education and research. Once fully developed, it is expected that the Murdoch Activity Centre will become one of the largest employers outside the Perth CBD with up to 35,000 jobs.
  • Access to the Murdoch Activity Centre and Fiona Stanley Hospital from Kwinana Freeway Northbound is currently limited to South Street (via Murdoch Drive). During busy periods, this limitation creates severe congestion on South Street and the freeway and an increased safety risk, which will only intensify if the Murdoch Drive Connection is not constructed.
Who is responsible for building the road?
Main Roads WA has awarded the contract to the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance (MRIA) which is a consortium of contractors who are designing and constructing the works. 
What changes have been made since the preliminary design was displayed?
  • The City listened to concerns raised by the community reference group and residents.
  • The final route balances the key priority of improving two-way access to the Murdoch Activity Centre from Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway and the concerns raised by the local community and project’s Construction Reference Group about the impacts of additional traffic movements on Bibra Drive, Hope Road and Farrington Road.
  • The western section of the design has been modified to remove access from the Murdoch Drive Connection to Bibra Drive.
  • Access from Bibra Drive to the Murdoch Drive Connection is retained to enable residents living to the west of Bibra Drive to easily access the Murdoch Activity Centre and Fiona Stanley Hospital.
  • A cul-de-sac previously proposed for Bibra Drive in an earlier iteration of the concept has also been removed, meaning that access from Bibra Drive to Farrington Road will remain the same as at present.
What are the key features and benefits of the proposal?
Key project traffic movements include:
  • Two-way access to the Murdoch Activity Centre from Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway
  • Access to the Murdoch Drive Connection (northbound - i.e. towards the Murdoch Activity Centre) provided from Bibra Drive
  • Access from Murdoch Drive (southbound – i.e. from Murdoch Activity Centre) provided to Farrington Road
  • In response to community concerns, access from the Murdoch Drive Connection to Bibra Drive or from the existing Murdoch Drive to Murdoch Drive Connection no longer forms part of the current project scope.
  • Bus access to the MAC from the south will be much improved as will pedestrian and cycle access and bus access from the east via the Roe Highway. 
When will the upgrade be built?
Construction is underway now and is due for completion by the end of 2019.
What kinds of environmental/sustainable issues have been identified?
The land north of Farrington Road, used by Murdoch Universityfor keeping livestock and veterinary training, is regarded as conservation category wetland. The wetlands south of Farrington Road have high value environmental areas. This project has been referred to the EPA by the Save Beeliar Wetlands.
What will the impact be on directly affected residents?
  • Main Roads WA advises that the route, wherever possible, will stay within existing road reserves. Some minor land acquisitions for intersections may be needed and will be addressed with individual property owners.
  • Noise wall locations, extent and height are being designed based on the acoustic analysis for the project and integrated into the overall road, shared path and landscaping layouts
  • The design of the noise walls will mitigate the impact of future vehicle noise to the extent that no individual property upgrades will be required.
  • All nearby properties can request a preconstruction survey to assess the current state of the property upon which to base any future damage assessments. 
How can I find out more information and have my say?
To register for project updates, visit Main Roads and submit your details via the ‘Stay Updated’ tab.

Visit the Main Roads WA Murdoch Drive project website page for more information or Main Roads WA contact page on their website.
Main Roads has convened a community reference group which meets regularly to allow input from a wide variety of stakeholders and the notes of the meetings can be provided on request via the email address above.
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