Cockburn Central West

Cockburn Central West (CCW) will be an innovative mixed use development, which is integrated with the Cockburn ARC. Find out about Cockburn Central West’s background, status and context. The Cockburn Central West Structure Plan guidance for the future subdivision and development of the site. The Structure Plan is influenced by the outcomes of investigations including flora and fauna survey, transport assessment and local water management strategy.

About Cockburn Central West

The Cockburn Central West (CCW) precinct is located approximately 19 kilometres south of Perth's CBD and is adjacent to the Cockburn Town Centre, with easy access to the Cockburn Central Train Station. The City of Cockburn's landmark $109 million Cockburn ARC, one of the largest developments of its kind in Australia, will be at the core of the precinct.

The Fremantle Football Club has recognised the potential of Cockburn Central West and now calls the state-of-the-art sporting hub its home.

The project is a partnership between the City of Cockburn, LandCorp and the WA Planning Commission.

Background of Cockburn Central West

The CCW Structure Plan provides planning guidance for the future subdivision and development of the site. The Structure Plan provides for the creation of a mixed-use activity centre (with residential, retail and commercial uses) integrated with regional open space and recreational functions.

It will form an extension to the existing Cockburn Central Town Centre, providing strong pedestrian and cycling linkages to the Town Centre and the surrounding locality.

Status of Cockburn Central West

The CCW Design Guidelines have now been finalised and approved. The Design Guidelines apply to all private development within the CCW precinct and will ensure that developments enhance and contribute to the desired character of the area while encouraging developments that are innovative in design.

Specifically, the Design Guidelines seek to promote:

  • Buildings that contribute to quality public spaces
  • Building design excellence
  • Sustainable development including diverse and flexible dwelling options
  • Resident liveability.

Context of Cockburn Central West

CCW comprises part of the Cockburn Central Regional Centre, which is defined as a secondary centre under Directions 2031 and Beyond and State Planning Policy (SPP) 4.2 – Activity Centres for Perth and Peel.

Cockburn Central Percent for Art Master Plan and Local Planning Policy

The City has a Percent for Art Policy, which require a 1% public art contribution for developments over a certain value. The Cockburn Central Town Centre and Cockburn Central West precincts have a specific public art master plan and associated local planning policy in place to provide direction for public art.

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