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Start: Mid 2018 Finish: Mid 2020



The approximate 300 pens are required under the original Port Catherine Developments and WA Planning Commission Project Agreement and subsequent 2016 Marina Handover Agreement between Frasers Property Australia (FPA) and the City of Cockburn.
Planning of the marina expansion is being looked at currently because:
  • The current mooring pens are effectively full and there is a wait list for most sizes
  • There is a good retention rate of existing penholders during and at the end of their pen lease period
  • Adjacent building development being planned by others will in due course constrain the City’s opportunity to construct the marina expansion. 
The northern section of the marina, yet to be built, is adjacent to the Maraboo Island portion of the Port Coogee development.
It is desirable that the marina piles, jetty pontoon sections and connecting boardwalks and gangways are constructed before the residential housing development proceeds on the Island. This is so that access for the marina construction is not constrained and to minimise complaints from residents already on the island that could be impacted by the marina construction activity.
In regard to how the marina pens would be configured in an expansion, FPA in their initial Port Coogee development planning, commissioned MP Rogers & Associates (MRA) to design the layout of the marina for the approximate 300 pens capacity, from which they contracted in 2011 the detailed design and construction of C, D and E jetties and their pens (providing the first 139 pens) and F jetty for day visitor vessel tie-up. View the detailed map here. opens in a new window
The design layout of the unbuilt sections of the marina previously prepared by MRA offered a feasible starting concept for the marina expansion. This layout needed to be compared with other possible layout options to determine the optimum combination of pens to cater for future demand and the best business return for the marina, whilst also meeting the relevant Australian Standards for marina berth and fairway widths required by the Department of Transport for the jetty licence.
The City engaged a consultant during 2017 to assist in both the possible extension or re-siting of the current day visitor jetty (currently F jetty) and identifying alternate layout options for the optimum pen expansion that would provide a reasonable number of the different size pens, along with their access jetties and boardwalks. The intent was that these alternatives could be assessed in comparison with the original FPA marina layout of the fully developed marina.
In a design to allow for mooring pens of differing sizes (including wider catamaran berths) is the consideration of the required widths of the waterway between the jetties fairways and the depth of water (draft) needed for those various size vessels for safety and compliance with standards. Whilst larger pens offer a higher annual licence fee income per pen, the larger vessels need greater areas of waterway for both pen and fairway, significantly reducing the total number of pens able to be accommodated in the marina.
The marina layout options developed to date, along with the original FPA commissioned layout and preferred option are presented in Annexure 2 of the June 2018 Ordinary Council meeting agenda opens in a new window.
In contemplating an expansion of the marina beyond the current 150 pens, consideration also needed to be given to what would be required in associated on-shore facilities to support and service those pens and penholders.
Consideration was given to the following:
  • The fuel and sullage disposal facilities on the service jetty should suffice for the expanded marina. The orientation of the jetty would need to be further examined to determine best alignment for vessel fuelling in various wind conditions, without compromising the placement of the optimum mooring and visitor jetty layout.
  • Boardwalk placement and connectivity is important for access and servicing of the pens, especially for the marina expansion adjacent Maraboo Island. Similarly the gatehouse placement needs to be considered to maximise security of the vessels, whilst also providing as much of the boardwalks as possible for public enjoyment.
  • Ability to service the waste bins.
  • Car parking is a significant issue for the marina. Most of the marina penholders live remote from Port Coogee, and this can be expected to continue to be the case for new penholders taking advantage of any marina expansion, notwithstanding the residential build occurring in Port Coogee and the nearby Shoreline development.
  • The nature of boating is the need to bring gear and provisions to and from the vessel, meaning that public transport or taxis are not feasible. Early starts and late returns to the marina make the private car the principal means to get to and from the marina. Penholders also need to park their car whilst out on their boat, including over one or more nights if taking their boats out to Rottnest or Garden Island for a number of days.
  • The provision of ready gear drop off points and a secure carpark placement within a relatively short walking distance of their marina berth is a key provision of any marina for its business success.
  • Once Port Coogee is fully developed, the available roadside and public carpark bays will be needed for the general public including shoppers, tourists, and families looking to enjoy the beach and parks. 
  • It is clearly not desirable that the marina penholders compete for access and use of those same car bays, which will be the case without adequate additional provisions of car bays and controls such as timed and permit parking.
  • The Australian Standards indicate a required provision of one car parking bay per 4-6 marina pens be provided for marina (not public) use, and the City should strive to provide this though dedicated car parking spaces and/or permit parking areas.
  • On shore marina pen holder bathroom and ablution facilities will also need to be expanded concurrent with any marina pen increase. The Australian Standards provide recommendations on the number of toilets and showers to be provided per number of pens.
  • The current marina two toilet/bathrooms situated upstairs in the marina services building catering for 150 pens does not meet the Australian Standard recommended provision. There is scope to build additional facilities into the Marina Services Building which is being examined and will be essential for any marina expansion especially off Maraboo Island;
  • Additional Marina staffing will be needed, desirably through appointment of one or more full time employees. The servicing of the bins and other manual activities on and around an expanded marina, including over weekends and periodically overnight in bad weather conditions will require a full time field officer position, potentially shared by two persons to keep working hours within award conditions.
The next stages of planning for the Marina expansion are to undertake the following actions, the outcomes of which will be incorporated into a detailed Business Plan for presentation to Council:
  1. Research and statistical analysis of the current and projected future demand for various sized mooring pens in southern metropolitan Perth potentially serviced by the marina.
  2. Further layout option review that incorporates an assessment of potential annual income achievable from the mooring pen configuration of each size pen based on various occupancy levels.
  3. Determination of the associated on-shore infrastructure and business support (including staffing and contracted services) to cater for various growth stages of the marina.
  4. Expenditure and financial return analysis for various marina expansion staging options.
  5. Detailed assessment of the opportunities, constraints and risks associated with the marina expansion options of no growth, staged growth and maximum growth.
It is proposed that the Business Plan will be presented to Council in time for the recommendations to be considered for inclusion in the City’s subsequent updates of the Strategic Community Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Annual Business Plan and 2019/20 Financial Year budget considerations.
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