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Stallholder Form - Cockburn Cultural Fair

All fields are required except where indicated.
Note: street number and street name are needed for all addresses
Type of stalls:
If you selected 'other' please specify e.g. crafts / information etc
Please list items for sale
Food or drink sales:
Please state if you will be selling food or drinks (even if pre-packaged or prepared off-site). If yes, you will need an "Approval for a temporary food premises" form from the City of Cockburn Health Services (Tel: 9411 3589) or download an application form from
Personal marquee provision:
If you are providing a marquee for your stall for this event, it must be no larger than 3m x 3m
Please list the number of people manning your stall (only digits accepted)
Van provision (please tick 'yes' if you will have a van):

Cockburn Cultural Fair Terms and Conditions

  • Please remember, ‘you’ need to provide all equipment required for ‘your’ stalls setup. No items will be provided by Council unless otherwise agreed.
  • You are responsible for any loss, damage, breakage or theft to property or valuables brought onto or left on site for this event. The City of Cockburn takes no responsibility in these instances.
  • You agree to follow all terms and conditions contained within ‘Standard Event Information’ or that of City of Cockburn health and safety guidelines or required Health Applications and approvals, and agree to adhere to safe working practices at all times through the event.
  • Incidents are to be reported to the Event Coordinator/s for resolution immediately.
  • Setup locations are allocated to each stall holder and must be contained within this area.
  • Stall holders agree not to interfere with event setup or other stall holders on site.
  • Unsafe, inferior or dangerous goods are not accepted at any stall, under any circumstance.
  • No electricity will be allocated to stall holders unless otherwise agreed.
  • All stall holders must arrive onsite one hour before the event starts until half an hour after the events official finish.
  • All stall holders must follow direction and recommendations of City of Cockburn Event Officers; it is at the Event Coordinator Officers to close down stall holders if deemed necessary.

Standard Event Information

  • Stallholders are responsible for the safety of all persons and exhibits on their sites. All electrical appliances must be safety tested by a qualified person and have a current safety tag attached before use and connection to the power supply.
  • Safety tags must remain on the appliance at all times. Additional power (not previously requested) will not be available on the day.
  • All stallholders supplying food and drink must obtain an ‘Approval for a temporary food premise’ from the City of Cockburn health services prior to the fair and be subject to Inspection on the day. Food and drinks include food prepared off site and pre-packaged cans or bottles. Food handling regulations are available from the council offices or on the food handling page on the City's website.
  • Food stalls with heating appliances must provide an appropriate fire extinguisher or fire blanket.
  • In the interests of public health, No Smoking is to be encouraged at all times. This is a smoke free event.

Stallholder Criteria

  • The City will intend to have a third of stall holders consisting of not for profit organisations.
  • Services or goods must be relevant to the event.
  • Any final decisions regarding stall holders are made by the event organiser.
  • Stalls that represent large scale commercial enterprise will not be permitted.
  • Preference will be given to food stall operators who offer healthy food options.
  • The City is indemnified of any legal action.
  • It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct food or trading permits and licenses, this is not the responsibility of the event organiser.
  • The event organisers will endeavour to limit the number of competing food stall holders to encourage a wider spread of food alternatives. However stall holders should not assume that competing food types will not occur. It is the stall holder’s responsibility to conduct their business in a safe and professional manner.
  • The event organisers will endeavour to limit the number of ‘same’ stall holders to encourage a wider spread of opportunities however the organisers will have the final say on what stalls are accepted.
  • The City reserves the right to deny a stall holder the ability to trade at a council run event with no right of appeal.
  • No balloons are permitted at council events
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