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Road upgrades: Jandakot and Solomon Roads


Stage 1:   Jandakot Rd (between Solomon and Fraser Rds)

                Solomon Rd (south of Jandakot Rd)

                NOT including the Jandakot Road and Solomon Road intersection

Stage 2:   Jandakot Rd (between Berrigan Dve and Solomon Rd)

                INCLUDING the Solomon Road and Jandakot Road intersection


We're looking to construct a second carriageway for Jandakot Rd (between Berrigan Dve and Solomon Rd) as well as upgrade Solomon Rd (south of Jandakot Rd) which will complement the upgrading were already doing around the Park and Ride car park (Knock Place) for Cockburn Central to ease congestion.


To keep our community safe

  • Some members of our community have expressed concern with the capacity of Jandakot Road and expressed a desire for it to be upgraded
  • Current traffic volumes are approaching the limit for safe operating capacity

Were growing!

  • By 2031: 26,000 to 29,000 vehicles per day will use Jandakot Rd (in 2015 it was just under 14,000 vehicles)
  • By 2031, there will be an extra 22,694 people living nearby (localities of Jandakot, Treeby, Piara Waters, Harrisdale and Haynes)

The current road wont cope

  • There is not enough room in the current roadway (generally 20 metres wide on Jandakot Road) to fit 4 lanes (2 in each direction) plus turning lanes and a central median as well as footpaths either side.
  • Widening will be needed

Benefits the upgrades can bring:

  • Reduce congestion
  • Safer opportunities for turning (both at roundabouts and into/out of your driveways)
  • Safer opportunities for cycling and walking with shared footpaths and street lighting
  • Minimise accidents: Reported crash data shows there has been 78 crashes on Jandakot Rd between Berrigan Drive and Fraser Road (Jan 2011 - Dec 2015).
    • The majority were 'vehicles from one direction' e.g. rear end/side swipe type crashes
    • 82% = property damages only
    • 13% required medical attention, and
    • 5% resulted in people being hospitalised, 0 fatalities

State Government expectations for Jandakot Rd:

  • Set out in Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million strategic documents transitioning from being just a local road to what is known as a Regional Road (e.g. North Lake Rd and Beeliar Drive)

Current status:

Initial concept designs developed. Currently undertaking community engagement with affected landowners along Jandakot Road to further inform the design in order to achieve the most optimal outcome for the community.

Stage 1:  Jandakot Rd (between Solomon and Fraser Rds)              

               Solomon Rd (south of Jandakot Rd)

               NOT including the Jandakot Road and Solomon Road intersection

Stage 2:  Jandakot Rd (between Berrigan Dve and Solomon Rd) INCLUDING the Jandakot Road and Solomon Road intersection

Contact: Engineering services on 9411 3444

Aubin Grove Train Station traffic and parking

This matter was considered at the April Ordinary Council Meeting and the Council decided to support the implementation of parking controls including No Parking in lanes and 4-hour on-street parking on weekdays. The Council decision included the issuing of Residential Parking Permits, in certain circumstances, which will be managed by the Citys Rangers.

Whilst it was intended to implement these parking controls prior to the train station opening the installation of 4-hour on-street parking controls has been temporarily deferred whilst the City monitors the demand for car parking at the station to see if overflow parking problems do materialise. Observations of the main car park on the western side of the train station have found that it is well underutilised so priority will be given to installing critical parking controls such as No Parking in lanes, and parking restrictions in key locations close to the station.      

Knock Place parking issues and ongoing traffic congestion 

Construction started 28 February 2017 with civil works have now been completed.

Cockburn Central - The City is acutely aware of the parking and congestion issues.

Would you like to know why there is a problem with traffic congestion at Knock Place, what can be done to improve this situation, what the City is doing about it and what you can do to assist? 

Why is there a problem?

The Public Transport Authority (State Government) provides most of the all-day car parking off Knock Place, Jandakot. The car park on the east side of the Kwinana Freeway for the Cockburn Central Train Station can accommodate 880 vehicles.

The State Government increased the number of parking bays from 410 to 880 in 2012 with a view to improving parking but without any corresponding suitable improvement to the adjacent road network which has ultimately led to an increase in traffic congestion. The City requested better traffic management solutions to be in place before the car park opened. This advice was not followed by the Western Australian Planning Commission that approved the additional bays.

The only vehicle access to Knock Place is via Solomon Road at an intersection which is only 40 meters away from the busy Armadale Road/Solomon Road intersection. A common complaint about the delays being experienced by commuters is that the 18 minute rail journey from Perth to Cockburn Central is quicker than the time it takes to exit the car park.

What will change?

To make it easier to exit Knock Place onto Solomon Road during March the City will widen Knock Place to allow left and right turning vehicles to sit side-by-side at the intersection. This should help reduce the delays for some commuters exiting the train station in the PM peak hour.

Construction has now been completed with line marking and signals to be installed shortly.

Future changes to Armadale Road, Jandakot, and connecting it to North Lake Road 

The Minister for Planning has approved the declaration of a planning control area over land on Armadale Road, Knock Place, and Solomon Road, Jandakot for the purpose of a future primary regional road reservation.

This reservation will provide for the connection of Armadale Road, on the east side of the Kwinana Freeway, to North Lake Road on the west side of the Kwinana Freeway to provide an additional link for regional east-west traffic movements, and additional connectivity to/from Kwinana Freeway.

Further information about Planning Control Area 122 can be found on the Western Australian Planning Commission's website.

The design and construction of the future road extension and the intersections along that new road link is the responsibility of Main Roads Western Australia. The construction of that project will be subject to the availability of State Government funding and a construction timeframe has not yet been confirmed.

Cockburn Central Town Centre - Access and parking

With major improvements to the surrounding arterial road network, there have been a few changes to how motor vehicles can enter and leave the Town Centre, and parking restrictions:

Town Centre Access

The primary access point into the Town Centre along Midgegooroo Avenue is Signal Terrace, which you can turn into from all directions (left or right). All other existing roads into the Town Centre, and future roads into Cockburn Central West (the site of the new Recreation and Aquatic Facility and Fremantle Football Club training ground), will operate as left-in/left-out only because of their proximity to traffic lights at either end of this road.

In the future, traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Midgegooroo and Signal Terrace to manage vehicle traffic and provide a safe crossing point for the high pedestrian traffic flow that is anticipated between the Town Centre and the Cockburn Central West precinct, once there is development on that site. 

Street Parking

On-street parking in the Cockburn Central Town Centre is typically limited to a maximum of 2-hours during weekdays, to meet the short-term needs of customers to local businesses and visitors to residential apartments. This demand is growing as more developments reach completion there and are becoming occupied. 

The existing 2-hour parking time limit was extended in July 2014 to include all Town Centre roads, including those roads recently constructed. To address community feedback we are also planning to introduce a Loading Zone in Junction Boulevard, and some motor cycle parking.

Long-term on-street parking is not provided because the Town Centre has been planned as a high density town centre, serviced by public transport.  It is not practical for the City to provide long-term parking in the Town Centre because of the scarcity and cost of suitable land. Encouraging more traffic into the Town Centre would only serve to worsen the traffic congestion experienced on the surrounding arterial roads.


 Berrigan Drive Upgrade 

The City of Cockburn started a major roads project on 1 August, 2016, to upgrade Berrigan Drive from the Kwinana freeway to Jandakot Road. The project is due for completion at the end of June 2017.
The $7 million project involves:

  • Extending Berrigan Drive for 700 metres
  • Changing the roundabout into traffic lights
  • Improvements to Dean Road
  • Duplication of Jandakot Road for approx. 0.5km 
  • Construction of Pilatus Street for 1.7 kilometres.

Whats left to complete?

  • 20m * 2.5m of road pavement is incomplete on North Berrigan drive (opposite Glendale Crescent)  because of the artificial obstruction by the existing Western Power Stay Pole.
  • Five lighting poles at the traffic signal intersection and one lighting pole adjacent to the bus stop in front of the child care centre will be installed by Western Power shortly
  • Road line markings and signage have been delayed because of bad weather. MRWA have advised they will complete this when the weather improves. 

View: Berrigan Drive Improvement Works outline




Parking in Laneways

It is undesirable for vehicles to be parked in lanes because of the difficulties that it creates for the City's general waste and recycling trucks to empty bins, and the access problems it creates for residents wanting to get into or out of their garages. To maintain the access function of lanes the City is progressively installing No Parking restrictions to all lanes, starting with the most problematic ones.

This means that whilst it will be acceptable for motorists to stop their vehicle for 2 minutes to set down or collect passengers or goods, any longer term parking will not be permitted at any time. If it is desired for a vehicle and/or materials to occupy a lane for longer than this because of construction activity or some other reason, then prior approval must be sought from the City's Rangers on 9411 3444 or via email at     



Gibbs Road & Lyon Road Intersection modification



In response to the construction of the Aubin Grove Train Station and the upgrade to the Russell Road & Kwinana Freeway interchange, the City of Cockburn has investigated the future capacity and design of the existing roundabout at Gibbs Road & Lyon Road.

Russell Road in Success/Hammond Park and Gibbs Road in Atwell/Aubin Grove has been upgraded by the state government to accommodate the additional traffic that will be generated by the new Aubin Grove Bus/Rail Station.

The City of Cockburn has modified the intersection of Gibbs Road and Lyon Road and changing the intersection from an existing single lane roundabout to a traffic signalised intersection.

An investigation identified the need to upgrade the existing roundabout to a signalised intersection for the following reasons:

  • The existing traffic flow through the roundabout is at saturated levels, and there is no opportunity to upgrade the capacity of the existing roundabout.
  • The installation of traffic signals will alleviate the existing congestion and queuing issues, and the proposed signals will have the potential to be upgraded into the future when required.
  • Roundabouts with high traffic flows can create unadvisable conflict between pedestrians & cyclists and vehicles. With the installation of traffic signals, pedestrians & cyclists will be provided with safe and regulated crossing opportunities.

Detail design of the traffic signals have been completed by the City of Cockburn and construction commenced November 2016 and this project has now been completed.

Main Roads WA testing of Traffic Signals commenced Tuesday 21 March, Traffic signals in operation from 25 March 2017.

Construction works have now been completed. The city would like to thank the public for there patience and understanding during construction of this project and for obeying the temporary speed restrictions and traffic management signs.

Beeliar Drive Dual Carriageway


Stage 1 -Durnin Avenue to Spearwood Avenue: Duplication of Beeliar Drive

Stage 2 - 200m east of Stock Road to Durnin Avenue

The community living and working in the City of Cockburn is growing and road improvements are necessary to accommodate the extra traffic and to reduce congestion.

Due to the rapid development of precincts including Beeliar, Munster, Yangebup, and Coogee, and to accommodate increasing traffic, it is necessary to construct a second carriageway for Beeliar Drive between Stock Road and Spearwood Avenue, which will complete Beeliar Drive as a dual carriageway from Stock Road to the Kwinana Freeway.

North Lake Road dual carriageway Hammond Road to Kentucky Court  


Due to the rapid development of precincts including Beeliar, Cockburn Central, Hammond Park, Success and Aubin Grove, and to accommodate increasing traffic, it is necessary to construct a second carriageway for North Lake Road, which will complete North Lake Road as a dual carriageway from the City's northern boundary to Kentucky Court.


Barrington Street Traffic Management - From Rockingham Road to
Stock Road

Please be informed that the City of Cockburn intends to modify Barrington Street from Rockingham Road to Stock Road in July 2017.
The works involve:

  • Install red asphalt on the new painted median pattern.
  • Install line marking on the painted median pattern and upgrade line marking at all intersections to Main Roads WA standard.
  • Install median islands with trees to landscape the street.

The work may involve some disruption to the verge or crossover on properties. In these instances, Council will contact the property owner personally to notify them. Please be assured any impacted property will be reinstated to its current condition. Should you require further information, please contact Councils Engineering Services on 9411 3444 






Upcoming Roadworks


Scheduled Road Works - Beeliar Drive between Spearwood Ave and Durnin Avenue

Scheduled for 3 May 17 5 May 17 between 7pm and 6am and the work will be carried out on nightshift with traffic management in place.



Scheduled Road Works - Parkway Rd From Gilchrist Ave to Homestead Avenue

Scheduled for 11 May 12 May works will be carried out on Day Shift with traffic control in place.


Temporary road closures  - Corner of Pantheon Avenue and Chieftain Esplanade, Port Coogee

Temporary road closures will be in effect over the coming months as Adco Constructions builds a new apartment block on the corner of Pantheon Avenue and Chieftain Esplanade, Port Coogee. This will enable concrete pouring on the site twice a week.

Closures will be required on Chieftain Esplanade, Pantheon Avenue and Brunswick Street, most often from 7am to 1pm. A traffic management plan approved by the City of Cockburn requires that only one of these streets is closed at any one time.
The construction program has been arranged so that some of the pours will be combined to reduce the need for closures.

All concrete should be poured by October and we anticipate one to two concrete pumps per week as we progress up the building.
We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Please direct any inquiries to Steven Walters at ADCO Constructions on 0428 052 954 

Car Parking Bay Construction Murrumbidgee Drive and Burdekin Vista Hammond Park

Start date is pending removal of a tree. Work will commence immediately once the tree has been removed . These works will be completed as day shift with road closures and traffic management and will be carried out between 7am to 4pm.



Mayor Rd Reconstruction from Fawcett Rd to Rockingham Rd           

New dates: 22nd May 2017 to 30th June 2017.
Day Works between 7am to 6pm and may include some weekends, there will be road closures and traffic management in place.

Temporary Road closure and detour in place 24/7 due to full pavement reconstruction 23rd May 2017 to 12th June 2017.



Berrigan Drive (near the corner of North Lake Road)

After advice from Main Roads and feedback from the community, the City has restored the traffic arrangements on Berrigan Drive to their original format.

Thank you for your patience during this work.


Planned Roadwork Maps For Download