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Henderson Waste Recovery Park  

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Renewable Energy at Henderson Waste Recovery Park



Henderson Waste Recovery Park is located at 920 Rockingham Road, Henderson, approximately two kilometres south of Russell Road intersection.


7 Days / week, except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday

Transfer Station - CARS and TRAILERS:

Monday - Sunday - Open 8am - Gates Close 4.30pm

Asbestos Acceptance:

8.00 am to 3.45pm - 7 days / week

Recycle Shop:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays - 8am.  Enter by 3.45pm

Trucks on Weighbridge Only:

Monday to Saturday - 7 am to 4 pm
Sunday - 8 am to 4 pm 


Due to safety concerns, vehicles with pets will NOT be admitted to Henderson Waste Recovery Park

No Dogs


Entry to the Landfill Site is by presentation of a current City of Cockburn Trailer Pass or payment of the relevant entry fee. 

Gate Fees | Trailer Passes

Green Waste

Henderson Waste Recovery Park is not a green waste facility.  Trailer loads of Green waste will be accepted on presentation of current City of Cockburn trailer pass or payment of relevant entry fee.  Truck loads of green waste will not be accepted.  Green waste is tree branches and prunings suitable for mulching.  It does not include palms, weeds, sand or turf.

The Green Waste Facility is located at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Banister Road, Canning Vale            9256 9555.  New opening hours at the RRRC are 8.00 to 4.00 pm seven days a week, except for Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Trailer Passes

A trailer pass comprising of six vouchers is included as a cut off section at the bottom of the rates notice for residential properties each year in July/August, or with the delivery of bins to new homes. If the trailer pass does not appear to be enclosed, please ring before the end of September.

The whole trailer pass should be presented at the weighbridge with vouchers attached to the information section at the end.  Individual cut off vouchers are not valid and will not be accepted.

Homeswest, Defence Homes and LandCorp tenants need to ring our Customer Service Officer for information on obtaining a Trailer Pass.

City of Cockburn Trailer Pass will also be accepted for green waste disposed of at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre at Bannister Road, Canning Vale.

Please note: Trailer passes are not transferable nor are any residents authorised or permitted to sell these vouchers. Such practices could lead to offenders being refused trailer passes in future years.  Trailer Passes are a service offered to our residents specifically for their dedicated use.

Hazardous Waste

You may be surprised to know that many familiar products you use to clean or improve your home, maintain your car, or deal with pests can be hazardous. If disposed of incorrectly these items can cause serious harm to the natural and residential environment.

Residents can safely dispose of domestic quantities of household hazardous waste at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park free of charge.   This only applies if all that is being disposed of is household hazardous waste.  If there is any other rubbish being disposed of then an entry fee or trailer pass will be required. 


Please ring 9411 3444 for a full list of what is accepted free of charge.



Asbestos Acceptance

Please ring 9411 3444 for full information and conditions for acceptance of Asbestos at Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

The Henderson Waste Recovery Park will accept compliant quantities of asbestos.

Asbestos must be securely wrapped and sealed in heavy duty builders plastic so that fibres can't escape, so it doesn't come apart during transport and handling and so that there are no sharp edges or corners breaking through.

It must be in bundles that can be unloaded by the customer without requiring staff assistance and without dropping.

Place on top of the load for inspection prior to entry and so that it can be unloaded first.

Please see Gate Fees for current prices.

Asbestos will be accepted until 3.45pm to allow special burial.

Renewable Energy Precinct

The City of Cockburn is demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability with continued investment in renewable energy capacity at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

Solar Power

The Henderson Waste Recovery Park is generating its own energy from the sun and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Each day 60 photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity to help power the recycle shop. Together these panels make up a 3.6kW photovoltaic system that will generate approximately 6010 kWh (units) of energy a year.


The system will also help the facility reduce its carbon footprint by preventing 6.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere each year.


Live Data Info

Live information on the energy produced and emissions saved by the photovoltaic panels at Henderson can be accessed by clicking here

Solar Panels at Recycle ShopRecycle Shop


Energy from Waste

Renewable energy is produced at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park by methane extraction and flaring. The recent addition of a third generator from Waste Gas Resources (WGR) means that energy can be generated by methane from landfill at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

The third generator has increased capacity by 33 per cent, allowing the methane extraction plant to generate 3.195 megawatts to power more than 3300 homes via Synergys main electricity grid.

The technology has a two-fold benefit by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and manages our landfill gas in a more sustainable way.

The new unit will reduce an additional 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents each year.

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