Impounded Dogs
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Impounded Animals

Information regarding lost animals is matched up with those animals that have been impounded by Council Rangers.  If you've lost your animal you should report it to the Rangers.

For animals which have been located by the general public, Rangers will attend and collect the animal from you, so it can be returned to its owner.

An appointment is required for all impounded animals to be viewed or collected. Please contact Ranger Services on 9411 3444.

Date: 13 October 2014

Breed: Goat

Gender: Female

Colour: Black & White

Found: Munster

Reference: Being agisted (Looked after at a Farm)

Date: 21 Nov 2014

Breed: Staffy

Gender: Male

Colour: Dark Brindle

Found: Atwell

Reference: P10

Date: 20 Nov 2014

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Cat

Colour: Tabby

Found: Henderson

Reference: PUR 01836

Date: 19 Nov 2014


Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Found: Spearwood


Colour: Tortoiseshell

Reference: PUR 01831


Colour: Ginger

Reference: PUR 01832


Colour: Dark Grey

Reference: PUR 01833


Colour: Light Grey

Reference: PUR 01834

Date: 22 Nov 2014

Breed: Bull Terrier

Gender: Female

Colour: White & Tan

Found: Spearwood

Reference: P2

Date: 25 Nov 2014

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Male

Colour: Golden

Found: Beeliar

Reference: P7

Date: 25 Nov 2014

Breed: Ragdoll X

Colour: Cream & Brown

Found: Yangebup

Reference: PUR 01838






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As of 10 March 2014 no cash transactions are accepted at the Ranger Services/Pound office. 

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