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Dog Microchipping

We need your dogs microchip number

All dog owners are required by law to:

  • have their dog microchipped 
  • inform Council of the microchip numbermicrochip-dog 

Why do I need to microchip my dog?

Amendments to the Dog Act 1976 now require all dogs to be microchipped. 

Microchipped dogs can be easily identified and reunited with their owners. All local councils scan dogs they pick up for microchips and can then obtain your contact details from the microchip database. This reduces the time a dog is separated from its owner.

What happens if I do not microchip my dog?

As of 1 November 2015, it is mandatory for all dogs, over three months of age, to be microchipped.

A dog owner who has not microchipped their dog may be fined up to $5,000 in a court of law for failing to comply with the legislation.


How do I register my dogs microchip with City of Cockburn?

Please contact the City of Cockburn: 

OnlineClick here to register your dogs microchip number now


Telephone: (08) 9411 3444

In Person: 9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm

You will need to provide your animal registration number or animal tag number and your dogs name.


My dog has been microchipped but I do not know the number, how do I retrieve it?

Please contact your vet who will be able to scan your dog to identify the microchip number.

How do I update my dogs microchip details?

If your contact details change, please update them with the City of Cockburn AND your dogs microchipping company.

To update your contact details with the City, please email or complete the Change of Animal Status Form (found on the Dogs Services page) and return to the City of Cockburn.

To find the microchipping company (if you know the microchip number), you can search on and update your details online. Alternatively, if you know the microchip provider, you can contact them directly.

How do I microchip my dog?

Microchipping is a very quick, safe and simple procedure. Microchipping can be carried out by your local vet, please contact them and make an appointment today.


My dog is old and unwell, do I still have to have it microchipped?

A dog may be exempt from microchipping if a vet issues a certificate stating that implanting a microchip may adversely affect the health or welfare of that dog.

To apply for an exemption from the City based on your dogs health status, please provide the City with a copy of the vet certificate confirming the above.


Post: Ranger Services, 9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood

In Person: 9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm



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