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Trees in Cockburn

The Council regards trees as being highly desirable and integral to the urban landscape, providing a range of social, environmental and economic advantages.

As such they are considered to be a primary part of the public landscape amenity affecting and benefiting all residents within a locality.


Street Trees

Economic Benefits

Property values are increased by the presence of trees by creating a "leafy suburb".

Social Benefits

Aesthetically, trees make an important contribution to the character or amenity of the local area and form a notable visual element in the landscape. 

Trees improve our quality of life by providing a sense of peacefulness, restfulness, serenity and tranquillity as a result of creating a more natural and less artificial environment.

Environmental Benefits of a Tree

  •  Purify the air
  •  Screen objectionable views
  •  Soften the built environment
  •  Create habitat for birds and other wildlife
  •  Reduce glare from street lamps and car headlights
  •  Modify the wind and reduce the damaging effect of strong gales
  • Have a cooling effect in summer by reducing the amount of heat radiated from pavements and buildings

Can I make a request for a tree to be planted on my verge?

Yes. To make a request for a tree to be planted on your street verge, simply email or telephone the City's Customer Service Team on 9411 3444.



For the period 1 December 2016 to 1 March 2017 the City will cease planting residential street trees. Requests for street trees can still be lodged during this period, with full planting service to commence again in March 2017.

Once your request has been received, a horticultural officer from the City will contact you within five working days to discuss the type and location of the tree(s) to be planted. For more information:

Who is responsible for the maintenance or removal of a tree on my verge?


Trees on Private Property

Trees are a highly desirable part of the landscape and, wherever possible, a certain amount of any inconvenience associated with them should be tolerated.

The FAQ sheet below outlines your legal rights if your neighbour's tree has branches which overhang your property or roots extending underneath your property which are causing damage or inconvenience

Who do I contact at the Council about street trees?

For all enquiries regarding trees, email or telephone the City's Customer Service Officer on 9411 3444.


Contact Us:

Phone: 9411 3444


The City has a number of programs, which support residents in improving their verges.  For more info visit: