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What can I do?

There are many things you can do to live more sustainably, help the environment and reduce emissions.

Click on the links below for more information on the resources and programs offered by the City of Cockburn:

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My Home


Building a Sustainable Home

Learn how to best design and orientate your home - from the colours and appliances you choose, to house layout and landscaping.

Building a Sustainable Home brochure


Free Home Energy and Water Audits

In-home consultations are offered to home owners and renters in Cockburn during autumn each year, helping you save energy, water and money.

Free Home Energy and Water Audits

Waterwise Brochures

Discover how you can save water in your home and garden, learn about groundwater extraction in Perth and help protect and maintain our local water supplies.

Waterwise brochures


Sustainable Renters Guide

Explore the possibilities of adopting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while renting.

Sustainable Renters Guide

Is Solar Energy Right for You?

This brochure includes information on panel types, subsidies, rebates and a handy checklist

Is solar energy right for you?

My Garden/Backyard


Grow Local Brochures

Which are the right plants for your garden? Plant local and fertilize wise brochures include useful information on what species are most suitable for your suburb.

Grow Local Plant brochures

Garden Workshops

Informative, fun and free. Great for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Learn about garden design, food production, greywater, rainwater tanks, irrigation, plus many tips from the experts.
Beyond Gardens Workshops

Great Gardens Workshops

Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

Local native plants are available to residents at a discounted price to help reduce water use and increase backyard biodiversity. To take part, download your voucher here in May.

Native plant subsidy scheme


Waterwise Brochures

Discover how you can save water in your home and garden, learn about groundwater extraction in Perth and help protect and maintain our local water supplies.

Waterwise brochures

Landowner Biodiversity Conservation Grants

Rural land owners can receive up to $3,000 to manage the bushland and wetland areas on their property. Training and skills development workshops are included as part of the program. Applications close 31 October.

Landowner Biodiversity Conservation Grants


Habitat for Homes

Residents are able to receive a 50% rebate on the purchase of a bird bath (up to $50).

Nesting box workshops and subsidies also available.

Habitat for Homes



My Transport  

TravelSmart Program

Try walking, cycling, taking public transport, carpooling, and travel blending. Download TravelSmart guides for your area.

Travel Smart Program

     My Lifestyle

Join a Living Smart Course

Want to be healthier, save money and live in harmony with the environment ? Then Living Smart is for you. This course runs over a few weeks each year in Cockburn and involves presentations, discussion groups and field trips on various sustainability topics.

Living Smart Program

My Waste


Recycle Shop

Looking for unique Christmas shopping ideas? Need an extra chair for your dining table? How about another golf club? Visit the Recycle Shop at Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

Recycle Shop


Weekly Recycling

Weekly recycling has been in place in Cockburn since 17 January 2011. Each week both your green compost bin and yellow top recycle bin can be collected.

Weekly Recycling

What goes in what bin?

Discover what happens to your waste. Learn which bin your household items should be placed in and what to do with those tricky items.

2 Bin System

3 Bin System

Come along to a FREE workshop

Discover how you can help dispose of your waste in easy and environmentally friendly ways.

Visit Resident Worm Farms & Composting Subsidies to see when the latest workshop is on.

Worm farm & compost bin subsidy program

Learn how the city if helping make waste minimisation affordable for residents by creating a subsidy program that coincides with the FREE workshops on offer.

Visit Resident Worm Farms & Composting Subsidies to find out all the details!

My Community

Community Planting Days

You can help protect biodiversity values in your local area by joining us at a planting day during winter.

Friends of Groups

Do you want to have fun, meet like-minded people and be part of a community group who has a genuine concern for their local environment?

Friends of the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre


Feed a Bird? How Absurd!

Learn why we should let birds feed themselves. This brochure includes tips on bird watching and ways you can interact with birds without impacting on thier health and environment.

Feed a Bird? How Absurd! 

Sustainable September Events

Check out our calendar of events in September each year and get involved in this series of fun and inspirational activities such as the eco fashion and sustainable living workshops.

Sustainable September Events

Get Wild About Wetlands

Each school holidays the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre comes alive with a series of events such as bat night stalks, snake encounters and bush survival. Activities vary throughout the year and bookings are essential.

Get Wild About Wetlands


A Better Tomorrow Sustainability Grants

Your group can receive up to $4,000 for sustainability projects like school food gardens, energy, water and waste-wise projects. Applications close on 31 March.

A Better Tomorrow Sustainability Grants

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