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The City of Cockburn is a participant in the ICLEI Water Campaign and is committed to the sustainable management of water resources.

The City has developed a Water Conservation Plan, Irrigation Operating Strategy and Local Water Action Plan and has set water management targets to help reduce water consumption and improve water quality in Cockburn.


Cockburn endorsed as a 'Waterwise Council'

The City of Cockburn has been endorsed as a 'Waterwise Council' by the Department of Water and the Water Corporation. To achieve this, the City has set strict targets and proven its ability to reduce water use whilst also implementing measures to improve the water quality in local wetlands.

Media Release from the minister.



"Gaining 'Waterwise Council' status is a recognition of the City's efforts to develop sustainable use of groundwater, as well as find ways of reducing scheme water consumption. Many of the major upcoming projects such as the new aquatic and recreation facility at Cockburn Central will heavily involve the use of sustainable design and initiatives to reduce water consumption. This is yet another accolade for the City and why we are recognised as the most Sustainable City in Australia." - Mayor Logan Howlett



Cockburn is fortunate to have some of Western Australia's best inland lakes which form two unique chains of wetlands running from North to South through the heart of the City. For more information click here. 


Home Energy and Water Audits

The City of Cockburn offers annual FREE home energy and water audits for residents of Cockburn. Check back for an update on the next round of audits.


Tips for your home and garden

The City of Cockburn has adopted the following brochures to promote water conservation and improve fertiliser practices. Click on the links below to download your free copy.


Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

In May each year the City of Cockburn offers a native plant subsidy scheme. The program provides residents with the opportunity to purchase native plants at discounted prices. Residents are encouraged to consider their garden design and plant selection prior to visiting the nursery. Helpful tips are available in the grow local guides.


Fertilise Wise & Local Plant Guide

If you would like to learn how to grow a better and more environment friendly garden in Cockburn click here for your FREE Fertilise Wise Guide or Local Plant Guide.


Free Community Workshops

Each year the City supports free Living Smart Courses and Gardenwise workshops for Cockburn residents which will show you how to save water at home and create a waterwise garden.


Your Watering days

To find out the sprinkler roster for your area please visit the Water Corporation website.


Water Sprinkler Bans & FAQs

View all the frequently asked questions on the operation of irrigated systems in the City during the winter months below.

Exemption can be made to the Water Corporation online at or phone 13 10 39.


Greywater - Read More

All greywater system installations must be approved by the City's Health Services. Further information on greywater systems can be obtained from the Using Greywater fact sheet available here


Safe Water

The City monitors a number of water supplies within the district in order to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and guidelines. For more information visit Health Services.


Council irrigation procedures

The City of Cockburn has a licence issued by the Department of Water to extract groundwater for the irrigation of Public Open Spaces, Sporting Ovals and Streetscapes. The licence primarily sets the amount of water that can be taken from the ground at each location and other management conditions.

To ensure the City complies with the licence the Parks Team have developed and implemented a water conservation strategy that includes:

  • Metering of bores
  • Replacement of inefficient irrigation systems
  • Hydrozoning: (1) grouping plants of similar water requirements to conserve water, (2) designing irrigation systems for these plant species.
  • Soil monitoring equipment (indicates the water levels in the soil profile)
  • Turf renovation programs 
  • Applying watering programs to meet the amount of water that can be taken from the ground.
  • Planting of appropriate trees and shrubs that require minimal water.

All Local Governments are not permitted to irrigate between 9am and 6pm, however the following exemptions apply:

  • Installation, repair and testing of reticulation systems
  • Applying wetting agents and fertilisers
  • Fire fighting requirements
  • Establishment of new turf, gardens or grass covered sporting grounds & turf renovation programs.

If you have queries on our irrigation practices please email to 


WANT TO LEARN MORE? Click here for more information on what you can do!

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Phone: 08 9411 3444

Water Campaign

Since September 2007 the City has been participating in the ICLEI Water Campaign, an international water management program.

In December 2010 Council achieved Milestone 3 by endorsing a Local Water Action Plan and endorsing the following targets:

Water reduction goals

  • To reduce community per capita water consumption by 5 percent below 2007/08 levels by 2017/18
  • To reduce corporate scheme water consumption by 5 percent below 2007/08 levels by 2017/18
  • To improve efficiency in corporate groundwater use by reducing consumption to 10 percent below the 2007/08 Department of Water allocations per hectare by 2017/18

Water quality improvement goals

  • To implement a minimum of 50 points worth of actions from the Water Campaign Corporate and Community action cards by 2017/18

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