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Midge Control

The City has taken a number of steps to minimise elevated levels of midge associated with our lakes. Actions include revegetation, improvement of nutrient inflows in the lake, and installation of additional midge lights.

Chemical treatment options are a last resort due to the potential off-target damage that may be caused to other invertebrates and / or vertebrates living in the lakes. When midge numbers have been excessively high in the past the City has treated some lakes with an approved larvicide distributed using a helicopter. The City has been trialling a species targeted larvicide to reduce midge populations.  This trial was initiated in 2011/12 and is currently being reviewed and has shown a reduction in midge numbers to date.


Helpful hints on how to minimise Midge problems

There are some actions that residents can take to help minimise midge problems.

These include:

  • Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Installing fine mesh insect screens.
  • Place electrocuting light traps around your property.
  • Avoid light coloured surfaces around your home - these reflect light and attract midges.
    Green and dark blue surfaces are most desirable.
  • Screen light from the sources of midges.
  • Reduce the number and wattage of outside lights.
  • Use yellow external lights or sensor security lights.
  • Use outdoor foggers (insecticides) when entertaining.



The City has a midge brochure available to download which will provide more information

managing midge info


Yangebup Lake News 2014/15 Summer

The City has been successful in gaining approval to use an alternative larvicide, ProLink / Altosid (S-Methoprene) Hormone Growth Inhibitor, which can be distributed by helicopter. If necessary this chemical will be used to treat midge should numbers be deemed to warrant a treatment.

Should you require additional information please call Council on 9411 3444.


The City of Cockburn's Midge control strategy includes:

  • Light traps
  • Development of new and more efficient (environmentally friendly) agents for midge control
  • Aerial treatment of lakes
  • Maintenance of revegetation buffers around wetlands
  • Appropriate land use adjacent to wetlands
  • Public education
  • View the City of Cockburn Integrated Midge Control Strategy



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