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Climate Change 

The City of Cockburn has been taking action on climate change since it joined the Cities for Climate Protection program in 1999. Since then, the City has been taking steps to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

The City's proactive approach to addressing climate change has been recognised with a number of State and National Awards during 2011 and 2012 including the 2011 National Local Government Award for leading community climate change action, and the 2012 Overall Winner of the Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Sustainable Cities Award.


Reducing Emissions

Over the past decade, the City has prevented over 500,000  tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from entering the atmosphere. This has been achieved through investment in renewable energy, waste management and recycling initiatives, energy efficiency improvements and more.

The City's Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategy 2011-2020 was endorsed in 2011 and recently updated to version 2.0 by Council at its March 2013 meeting. 

The updated strategy includes a Renewable Energy Target to deliver 20% of Council's energy from renewables by 2020 as well as actions to manage the impacts of carbon pricing.

These changes ensure that the City continues to be a leader in addressing climate change.

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Adapting to Climate Change

The City of Cockburn has been proactive in responding to climate change and is involved in a range of climate change adaptation planning activities. The City is also helping households reduce emissions and minimise the impacts of climate change.

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Renewable Energy

The City of Cockburn has implemented a Renewable Energy Program, which incorporates a blend of initiatives such as investing in renewable energy systems, establishing research partnerships, trialling new technology and campaigns to raise awareness on renewable energy as a viable and sustainable energy option.

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