City of Cockburn, PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC, Western Australia, 6965
Telephone: (08) 9411 3444

Seniors Security

For Security Assistance phone 1300 26 72 33 available all hours.

City of Cockburn employs a full-time Crime Prevention Liaison Officer to help you establish ways to fight crime and protect your property. This officer can also put you in touch with the Neighbourhood Watch group which is a valuable entity of the community.

The Following services are free to seniors residing within the City of Cockburn:

Identification marking of your valuables and kerb is a FREE SERVICE FOR SENIORS

Identification marking of your valuables helps to fight crime and ensures your safety.

  • It identifies an owner and a thief, when the thief tries to sell your stolen property.
  • Marked goods are an alert to would be buyers. UV markings are scanned under UV light to identify an owner. Second hand stores have UV Lights on their premises and are used when an item will be purchased by them.
  • Kerb marking helps emergency vehicles find you home easier. The number is reflective at night, and bright enough to see during the day.

Around The Home

  • Remember, LOCK IT or LOSE IT
  • Never open your door to strangers, even if it sounds urgent.
  • Keep your home visible from the street, prune back trees and bushes and have sensor lighting installed
  • Install a good quality security door that complies with the Australian Standards 2803
  • Fit external doors with deadlocks, preferably that use keys on both sides on a solid core door
  • Keylock all windows, all windows should be keyed alike using a good quality locking system.
  • Security grills over windows that tend to be left open, or used for ventilation is also a great deterrent to thieves.
  • A door view or peeper hole is good for identifying a visitor before allowing them entry.
  • Do not hide keys under mats or flower pots, they are the first place a burglar will look
  • If you are going out, even for a short while leave a light and radio on, it will appear as if someone is at home.
  • There are some relatively inexpensive security items on the market, including alarm systems. You may be eligible for a subsidy of up to $200 on security items per year. See below for more information.  


Seniors Security Subsidy Scheme

The Seniors Security Subsidy Scheme is operated by the City of Cockburn. Eligible properties are residential homes located within the City's borders, and applicants can either be the property owner, an agent authorised to act on their behalf, or a tenant with signed consent from one of these persons. Applicants must hold a valid senior's/pensioner's card.

The City has sought assistance from a number of accredited companies to be involved in the project.

The ONLY items to which a subsidy is applicable are home intruder alarms, door dead bolts, keyed window locks, security sensor lighting, security doors, window screens and door viewers. The subsidy is paid directly to the company, with the applicant paying the balance of costs.

The dollar-value subsidy offered depends on the item, and was calculated by the City based on the lowest price of the companies quoting to standard specifications. Applicants are permitted to install and seek quotes on higher specification or different style products from the approved companies to suit individual requirements (eg. More advanced alarm, different quality window grille, etc.), however the subsidy amounts will remain as detailed in the table below regardless of the cost or company selected.

Subsidy Table:


Subsidy amount paid by the City:

Roller Shutters


Home Intruder Alarm


Door deadlocks (per lock)


Keyed Window Locks (per lock)


Security Screen Door (per Door)


Security Window Screen (per Window)


Sensor Light


Door Viewer



To ensure the quick process of you application, attach all supporting material such as a copy of the quote and your seniors card.

Remember to apply for the subsidy PRIOR to any work(s) being commenced, and to use a supplier listed in the application package.

If you require any further information please contact 9411 3444 during office hours Monday - Friday