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Crime Statistics and Information

Within the City of Cockburn there is a widely diverse socio-economic backdrop, which at times creates unique and difficult problems for the wider community. To ensure that CoSafe is responding to the needs of the community we regularly consult with the Police, Neighborhood Watch, other local governments and various originisation across Western Australia. This helps CoSafe to maintain a heighted tempo across the City of Cockburn, with the end goal of reducing crime within the community.

Statistics are important within the planning stages of crime prevention, to establish what is considered the norm within the area, prior to changing our policies and procedures. As with all new crime preventative programs carried out with CoSafe they are reviewed. During the reviewing period CoSafe use analytical and statistical tools to measure the programs effectiveness in a timely and impartial manner.

Note that as Crime Prevention has environmental, economical and social controls, it should be noted that control over the rise of crime is not generally within the control of CoSafe or the Police. Crime prevention programs (educational programs, targeting) cannot only judge the rate of crime, but should use key performance indicators of measurable and controllable factors. For example, the level of public awareness, the number of local reporting numbers and public support. In addition to this, it should be noted that operations carried out by the Western Australian Police/Homeswest by removing problem people from our community also effects the statistics seen here.


Definition: To enter a building, home, vehicle or dwelling unlawfully with the intent to commit an offence under Western Australian Law (i.e. steal property)

For the ratio of burglaries by suburb within the City of Cockburn

Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Definition: Unlawfully using a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner or the person in charge of that motor vehicle.


Preventative Measures

Look Lock leave Trailer

Joint Funding from Road Wise, OCP, WA Police and Council has enabled the city to purchase a display trailer to be deployed within the City of Cockburn.

The main objectives are:

  • Increase awareness of the consequences of speeding within the City of Cockburn.
  •  To change attitudes and behaviours within the community in regards to speeding
  • Increase motorists awareness of the real speed at which they are travelling
  • Driver alert/ public education

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CoSafe Safety & Security Service

If you Wish to report any suspicious behaviour please call the W.A. Police on 131 444 or CoSafe 1300 26 72 33