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Town Planning Scheme Amendments

What is a Town Planning Scheme?

Town Planning Schemes are made under Part 5 of the Planning and Development Act 2005, which sets out the general objectives of schemes, the matters which may be addressed and the requirements for review.

Where schemes involve the zoning or classification of land, they are required to reflect the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. Importantly, there are some sections of the scheme which are 'deemed provisions' which cannot be changed.

Schemes include a variety of zones and accompanying statutory planning provisions which combine to provide for control of land use and development. This combination reflects a set formula of land use possibilities and zoning arrangements, with the intent being that the formula achieves the aims of the Scheme, which itself is derived from the strategic vision of the Local Planning Strategy.

What is a Scheme Amendment?

From time to time, it becomes necessary to amend the City's Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (TPS No.3). When a change is proposed or made to TPS No.3, it is referred to as a Scheme Amendment. These changes can be proposed by landowners, the City itself or State Government agencies. The decision to initiate a Scheme Amendment is however at the discretion of the City (which has no appeal rights), and once initiated the City becomes responsible for progressing a Scheme Amendment.

Scheme amendments occur for a variety of different reasons including:
- a change in zoning to accommodate development;
- a change in the residential density coding to alter residential density;
- a change in the Scheme's wording to ensure more effective planning;
- to implement the strategic vision of the Local Planning Strategy; and
- to ensure orderly and proper planning.

There are three different types of scheme amendment: basic, standard and complex (explained in the appendices of the information sheet). The WA Planning Commission has flowcharts for each of these planning processes.

For detailed information regarding the Scheme Amendment process, fees and checklist please download the Scheme Amendment Information Sheet. 


Current Scheme Amendments (not yet approved)

 Amendment No. 117 - Lot 1 Ghostgum Drive Treeby (formerly Banjup)

This Scheme Amendment proposes to extend the existing Development Area 37 over this lot (adjacent to the Calleya estate). This will bring the City's scheme into line with the Metropolitan Region Scheme which recently zoned this lot 'Urban'.

Officer: Carol Catherwood - 9411 3598



 Amendment No. 112 - Lots 101, 103 and 104 Jandakot Road, Jandakot

This Scheme Amendment proposes to delete the columns headed "Additional Use" and "Conditions" from AU 1 of Schedule 2 - Additional Uses and replacing those columns with new provisions as well as adjust the AU 1 area on Lots 101, 103 and 104 Jandakot Road, Jandakot to allow for future road widening and expanding the AU 1 area over the balance of Lot 103 excluding Bush Forever Site 388.

Officer: Lorenzo Santoriello - 9411 3530




Amendment No. 110 Lot 2 Fanstone Avenue


The Scheme Amendment proposal involves amending Town Planning Scheme No.3 by rezoning part of Lot 2 Fanstone Avenue, Beeliar to the 'Development' Zone and Reserve part of Lot 2 Fanstone Avenue, Beeliar to Local Reserve Lakes and Drainage.


The objective of the Scheme amendment is to (subject to a structure plan) facilitate infill residential development on the former quarry site.

Officer: Rachel Pleasant - 9411 3660



Amendment No. 120 - Lot 9501 Bartram Road, Beeliar

This Scheme Amendment proposes a minor relocation of a road reserve over this lot to provide access to lots adjacent to Bartram Road.

Officer: Tiffany van der Linde - 9411 3657




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