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Structure Plan - Process and Checklist 

A Structure Plan is to be prepared and adopted/endorsed prior to subdivision or development of land within Development Areas as identified within the City's Town Planning Scheme.  The City's online mapping can be used to locate Development Areas using the zoning module.

Additional provisions may also apply to each Development Area as described in Schedule 11 of Town Planning Scheme No 3.

Part 6 of Town Planning Scheme No 3 outlines the requirements and procedures to follow when preparing a Structure Plan. 

The Western Australian Planning Commissions ("WAPC") Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines clarify the different types of structure plans and elaborates on the information which is required to be submitted. 

Further to the Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines the City, in consultation with the WAPC, has formulated a City of Cockburn template  for Part One this document outlines the City's and the WAPC's expectations with regard to Local Structure Plan preparation.

Appropriate expertise should be engaged to prepare a structure plan and all supporting information and there should be suitable meetings and discussion held with the City's Strategic Planning Department prior to lodgment.

The suite of studies required to support and inform a Structure Plan are comprehensive, covering the full spectrum of the economic, social and environmental impacts of development.

For detailed information regarding the structure planning process, fees and checklist please download the Structure Plan Information Sheet.


Current Structure Plans 

New structure plan for Lot 31 Barfield Road, Hammond Park

Officer - Rachel Pleasant 9411 3444


New structure plan for Lot 3 Sciano Avenue, Success

Officer - Chris Hossen 9411 3444

New structure plan for Lots 23, 500, 102 & 7 Fawcett Road, Munster 

Officer - Chris Hossen 9411 3444

New structure plan for Lot 9001 Coogee Road, Munster

Officer - Chris Hossen 9411 3444





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