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Port Coogee Revised Local Structure Plan

Following consideration of the Revised Local Structure Plan by Council on several occasions in the second half of 2009 (but non-determination), Port Catherine Developments Pty Ltd (Australand) appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).  The appeal to SAT resulted in a mediated outcome between the City and the appellant.


The final hearing before SAT in respect of the Revised Local Structure Plan took place on Thursday 20 May 2010.  At the hearing, the sitting Member ordered amongst matters:


The revised Port Coogee Local Structure Plan (August 2009) is adopted subject to the modifications set out in Annexure A which is attached to these orders.


Annexure A contains 44 modifications.  Of these, 4-5 are considered significant and are listed below.  The remaining modifications typically involve text and/or grammatical changes for the purpose of informing readers by more clearly explaining a requirement or expressing intent. 


The main changes include:


  1. The requirement for the road on the eastern edge of the marina to be designed and developed in a manner that enables the transformation of the space on occasion from street to public open space providing for markets, street fairs and concerts; 
  2.  A reduction in building height on one of the central sites in the marina village from eight (8) storeys to six (6) storeys (32.0 metres to 24.6 metres);
  3. The requirement for not less than 120m of the required community purpose floor space (1000m in total) to be provided at street level with a minimum frontage of 8.0 metres.  In this regard, four (4) potential locations for the floor space have been identified;
  4. The requirement for the western half of the southern peninsula to be built in a robust manner.  Robust built form at the ground floor level will facilitate conversion from residential use to retail and commercial use as the marina village develops and matures over time. The objective in this regard is an activated, non-residential edge where the village meets the marina; and
  5. A reduction in building height on the southern part of Lot 749 (southern part of the project area).  From the southern tip of the lot northward (for a distance of 90 metres) the building height has been reduced from 13.6 metres to 9.0 metres.  The   status quo is largely maintained in terms of building height for the remainder of the site.

View the Documents

Copies of these documents can also be viewed in person at the Citys Administration Centre (9 Coleville Crescent, Spearwood, between 8.30am and 4.30pm). 


The Revised Local Structure Plan  including the required modifications will be available for downloading from this website from 3 June 2010.


The Revised Local Structure Plan  will form the basis for future development within the Port Coogee development.

Any enquiries regarding the Revised Local Structure Plan  should be made to Lee Reddell of the City's Planning and Development Services.