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Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy


Activity Centre Structure Plan

Design Guidelines (for Mixed Use and Commercial)

Concept Plan  for Rockingham Rd



The City of Cockburn is making progress on the revitalisation of Phoenix Central, with the documents above released for public consultation in 2016. These represent an exciting phase for the Phoenix Activity Centre, bringing together a blueprint to guide the future development of the town centre. This includes the design concept for Rockingham Road UPGRADE and BEAUTIFICATION between Phoenix Road and Coleville Crescent.

The documents build on the objectives and actions of the Phoenix Revitalisation Strategy and will ensure there is a planning framework to support the town centre going forward. With the City set to undertake the Rockingham Road upgrade and beautification in the next 12 months, the Phoenix town centre stands to be transformed into an attractive and welcoming environment for the community and business alike.

The concept plan for Rockingham Road proposes to reduce it one lane in either direction between Coleville Crescent and Phoenix Road. This will seek to slow traffic, improve safety and create a green tree-lined street befitting of a town centre. This will include:

  • the introduction of bike lanes
  • improved landscaping and paving treatments
  • rationalisation of movement
  • introduction of a 'roundabout system' to safely manage business access
  • new 50km/h speed limit

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Want to know more about the Phoenix Revitalisation Strategy?

The Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy was adopted by Council in 2009 and sets out a 10 year vision to realise the transformation of the Spearwood and Hamilton Hill areas through a combination of private redevelopment and public realm improvements.

A number of the key actions outlined in the Revitalisation Strategy have been implemented, including the following:

  • Rezoning of approximately 3,000 residential properties in Hamilton Hill and Spearwood to allow for subdivision of most lots - since the rezoning 199 approvals have been issued for 794 new lots/dwellings.
  • Rezoning of Bethanie Illawong retirement village to allow for the development of additional aged accommodation in the future.
  •  Adoption of Design Guidelines to encourage good quality residential development.
  • Rezoning and adoption of a structure plan for the former Watsonia buffer area.
  • Rezoning of properties on Rockingham Road to a new 'Mixed Use' zone.
  • Commencement of design guidelines preparation for Rockingham Road Mixed Use area to be subject to Council consideration and community consultation later in 2015/2016 (all landowners will be notified when this commences).

The Strategy also included recommendations for improvements to the public realm, and the City has been progressively working through these actions.  The following provides a summary of what has happened so far:

  • MacFaull Park - The following upgrades how now been completed (August 2016): 

             New shelter with LED lighting.

             Equal accessibility two plate Bbq

             Equal accessibility park furniture.

             New exposed aggregate hardstand

             New turf and landscaping and biodiversity improvements to irrigation system.

  • Beale Park - New playground and lighting
  • Greenslade Park-  Creation of open play areas and various upgrades
  • Edwardes Park - New cricket pitch
  • Bavich Park - New seating and improvements to play area
  • Greenslade Reserve - Additional play equipment and landscaping
  • Dubove Park - Landscaping and various upgrades
  • Pedestrian Accessways Improvements (between Kent Street and Bushy Road; Gerald Street and Shallow Street)
  • Street tree planting on Kent Street, Sussex Street and Spearwood Avenue

Over the coming years as development of the area continues the City will continue to implement the list of actions outlined in the Strategy

Background Information - What is the Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy?

The Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy provides a strategic framework for improvements to the Phoenix Town Centre, which includes the surrounding suburbs of Spearwood and Hamilton Hill.

The aim of the Revitalisation Strategy is to develop the Phoenix Town Centre according to the principles outlined in Directions 2031 which is the strategic plan guiding Perth's future growth. It sets out the direction for centres such as Phoenix to evolve into what it calls 'activity centres', which aim to include a mix of uses including office, residential, retail, entertainment, cultural, civic activities, and be supported by improved public transport.

Preparation of the Revitalisation Strategy included a comprehensive community consultation program.

Council adopted the Revitalisation Strategy for final approval at the meeting of 14 May 2009, and the final document can be viewed in the right had column under 'Documents', along with other relevant information.

These plans are also available to view in hardcopy at the Administration Building.

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Final Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy document


Western Australian Planning
(Subdivision information)

(Land titles office)

Water Corporation
(Sewerage & water services)

Western Power
(Electricity supply for subdivisions)

Relevant Council Minutes

12 June 2008:
Interim Council Decision (proposed road linkages, MacFaull Park and proposed bus lane)

11 December 2008:
Consideration to Adopt Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy for final approval (decision deferred subject to further community consultation)

14 May 2009: 
Adoption of Phoenix Central Revitalisation Strategy for Final Approval

10 September 2009:
Adoption of Scheme Amendment No. 76 (Residential Rezonings) for community consultation

1 March 2010:
Adoption of Scheme Amendment No. 76 (Residential Rezonings) for final approval.

12 September 2013:
Adoption of Scheme Amendment No. 96 (Mixed Use and Commercial Rezonings) for community consultation.

10 July 2014:
Adoption of Scheme Amendment No. 96 (Mixed Use and Commercial Rezonings) for final approval

27 May 2015:
Minister for Planning granted final approval of Scheme Amendment No.96  

23 June 2015:
Scheme Amendment No.96 published in the Government Gazette.

6 June 2016:

Draft Activity Structure Plan, Design Guidelines, Concept Plans for Rockingham Road - consent to advertise

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