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Beeliar Village Development

The application for a shopping centre development on the Local Centre zoned land on Beeliar Drive in Beeliar was conditionally approved by the State Governments Joint Development Assessment Panel on Thursday 26 July 2012.  The application was not determined by the City of Cockburn as the development is greater in value than $7 million.

The approved development comprises the following: 

  • a 'full-line' supermarket;
  • retail (shop) tenancies including a liquor store; 
  • a restaurant/cafe;
  • petrol station;
  • fast food-outlet; and
  • a tavern.

Just less than 7000m2 of floor space has been approved, of which approximately 4700m2 is lettable.  Parking for the development will consist of 367 bays.  This includes 10 disabled bays and 12 drive-thru bays (associated with the fast food outlet).

The subject land sits within a Development Zone under the Citys TPS which provides for development in accordance with a structure plan prepared and adopted under the Scheme.  In December 2004, the City adopted a Local Structure Plan (LSP) for the location referred to as Cell 6, Yangebup.  This was subsequently endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in March 2005 and has since (February 2011) been the subject of a modification (approved by the City under delegated authority).  Under the LSP, the land is identified as a Local Centre zone.  The subject land is strategically positioned as the centre point to three suburban locations within the City of Cockburn.  At present these suburbs (Beeliar, Yangebup and Munster) a largely void of retail, service and lifestyle type landuses (including food and beverage activities).  The mix of use and level of service to be afforded these suburbs by the composition of the approved development accords with the Citys expectations for the land and location.  To be named Beeliar Village, the project will be developed as a centre of consequence for the local community.

Significantly, the subject development will also contribute to the ongoing development of Cockburn as a sustainable City.  At present (2012), the population residing in the three suburbs is approximately 17,000 persons.  This is forecast to grow to approximately 21,500 persons in 2022.  These residents currently have no option other than to travel beyond the mentioned suburbs to carry out or fulfil their shopping, commercial and/or entertainment needs.  The development of Beeliar Village will concentrate activity locally, considerably reducing the distance travelled by the local population for such purposes.

The City has been advised by the developer that forward works (site works) may commence prior to the end of 2012.  Construction works are scheduled to commence the mid-January 2013.  Prior to the commencement of works, the developer needs to obtain a Building Permit and satisfy all relevant planning conditions imposed on the approval.

Location Plan, Site Plan, Elevations and Perspectives can be found in the document downloads above.

Documents for Download

Please see the below link to view: Location, Site Plan, Elevations & Perspectives

Beeliar Village Development Plans

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