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Local Developments Plans (formerly referred to as Detailed Area Plans)

The local development plans are available via the Online Mapping System. 

For detailed instructions on using the Online Mapping System, please visit the Tools page

Instructions of obtaining Local Development Plans

  1. Open the Interactive Online Mapping System
  2. Once the Mapping System is open, select from the Module dropdown box Detailed Area Plans
    See FIG 1
  3. Take note of the areas on the Map in blue.  This is where there are current plans to view.
    See FIG 2
  4. Once you have found the area you wish to view, click on the blue lined area.  This turns the line red and you will see that the Detailed area plan available in the right corner. -
  5. Click on "click to view" to view the current detailed area plan.
    See FIG 3

Fig 1
Choose from the drop down Module "Detailed Plans". Then using your Point Selector or Magnify Tool to gain closer access in and around the System, taking note of the Blue lined regions.

Click Detailed Area Plan and the Arrow Select Tool

Fig 2
Blue Regions denote Plans available. Select or Zoom in for a closer view.  Click on the Blue area to open the details from which you can download the Details Area Plans.

Detailed Area Plans - layers

Fig 3
Download the Area Plans by clicking on the Link in the Right column - "Click to view Detailed Area Plan"

Click Detailed Area Plan and the Arrow Select Tool  

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