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Student Volunteer Visionaries Competition May 2016 - Results

Congratulations to all participants who have supported in this year Student Volunteer Visionaries Competition.

The Student Volunteer Visionaries Competition project is designed to engage young people with the concept of volunteering and to grow awareness of the invaluable contribution volunteers make to the community .

Our aim was to get students to talk and think about what volunteering is and how it contributes to the community.

The award ceremony was held on Thursday 30th June 2016 at the Cockburn Youth Centre.

All entries will be displayed at the Youth Centre throughout July. Do drop by to explore the creativities of our Cockburn students!


First and Second Place Winners

Category 1 (School Yr 1 to 4)

First Place: Evie (Age 9)

Second Place: Sophie (Age 9)


Category 2 (School Yr 5 to 8)

First Place: Talia (Age 12)

Second Place: Anna (Age 12)


Category 3 (School Yr 9 to 12)

First Place: Yuxia (Age 14)

Second Place: Mariah (Age 14)



1ST PLACE: Apple iPad Mini*

2ND PLACE: Action Camera*

*One per category


For more information contact Cockburn Volunteer Resource Centre

T: 9411 3444

Very Important Volunteer Card


Student Volunteer Visionaries Competition 2017

Next year Student Volunteer Visionaries Competition will starts in May 2017.

Look out for banners around Cockburn and school posters for details of the competition.  



T: 9411 3444