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Cockburn Early Years

Cockburn Early Years is a City of Cockburn free service for families with young children 0 to 8 years and also for new parents and expectant parents living in the City of Cockburn. 

The service provides practical help and information about parenting and children's early learning and encourage you to contact us for any help you require.

We offer a home visiting program for families with a focus on assisting parents develop a close, connected relationship with their children.

We can provide information and ideas to assist parents understand their children's emotional needs, how to set limits, and suggest ideas to encourage play and early learning.  We run groups for parents as well as groups for parents and children together.  


We can help with:

  •  Emotional support and information through pregnancy and early parenthood
  • Managing the challenges of parenting 
  • Supporting your baby or child's development
  • Your understanding of children's emotional needs and behaviour
  • Ideas to strengthen your relationship with your baby or child
  • Identifying local community supports 

mother and child

           What we do:

  • Provide a home visiting program for parents & their children. 
  • Offer one-one parenting consultations.
  • Offer short term parenting counselling.
  • Provide information about children's emotional needs and suggest ways to manage children's behaviour.
  • Help parents learn to set limits while keeping a close and connected relationship. 
  • Provide practical help and information about young children's development and early learning.
  • Provide information and ideas to support and encourage children's development of language, fine motor skills, and social/emotional development. 
  • Loan of play materials to referred families.
  • Assist parents access services in the community.
  • Run parenting groups  based on the 'Parenting by Connection' approach. 
    Parents learn how to respond when their child is sad, angry or afraid, and how to create a strong connection with their children.

Cockburn Early Years

Speak with a staff member about our groups or home visiting program by contacting us today.

Phone: 08 9411 3855

Coolbellup Community Hub
90 Cordelia Ave, Coolbellup WA 6163

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If you are interested in attending  a parenting group  please  contact us via email or telephone: 9411 3855 today!  We welcome enquiries, and parents can pre register for groups to ensure a place. 


Cockburn Early Years runs groups for parents and children together and Parenting education and support groups. 

Parenting by Connection   scroll down for next class - Download Brochure

parenting by connection

The Parenting by Connection approach helps to improve the lives of parents and children by nurturing the parent and child connection. When children feel connected, they learn readily, love easily, and become caring leaders among their peers and fully access their intelligence and ability. When children's behaviour goes off track, they are asking for closeness, connection and understanding.

In the group you will learn new tools for understanding children's behaviour, and how to create a warm cooperative relationship with your child. Some of the topics covered are tantrums, sleep, separation, fear, anger, aggression and eating.

Parents are also supported and have the safety to offload feelings that interfere with their ability to guide their children with love and sensible limits. Listening partnerships and support groups help parents relieve stress and build self understanding.

Cockburn Early Years runs regular Parenting by Connection groups usually every school term Parenting by Connection was developed by Patty Wipfler.

Patty is the author of the listening to children booklets which outline the basic tools we teach in our classes. Hand in Hand produces a newsletter each month and has many informative articles on the website at hand in hand website.

Watch a video with Patty Wipfler discussing the Parenting by Connection way of responding to children's feelings, and for more information about Parenting by connection.

Hey Presto: A Free holiday event for children up to 10 years 

Come along and enjoy some fun and laughter with your children at the Hey Presto show. A fun magic show with puppets and morning tea to enjoy. All children to be accompanied by a parent/carer.

WHERE: Coolbellup Hub, 90 Cordelia Ave, Coolbellup
WHEN:   Friday the 20th January 2017

TIME:     10.30-12.30

To register phone: 9411 3855

or email

Supported play sessions for parents and children 1- 4 years old by referral

These sessions are facilitated by Early Childhood Educators and will assist you as a parent in the following ways:
  • Strengthen your relationship with your child
  • Have fun with your child
  • Develop your child's language and self esteem
  • Develop your child's ability to socialize
  • Help you learn and use many new rhymes, games and songs to assist your child to develop preschool and early language skills
  • Learn to read and enjoy picture books and stories with your child

At the group we have:

  • Circle time of play songs, music and dancing
  • Snack time for children, & cuppa and chat for adults
  • Outdoor playtime

Circle time of sharing books, stories and rhymes. You and your little child will benefit from times of playful interaction together.

Come along with your children and help them learn new skills and have fun with you through singing, dancing, talking & playing. 

Sing and Play  


For children 1-4 years old accompanied by a parent or family member referred by community agencies.

This Group is led by Mandy Halpin, Early Years Officer

  • WHERE:  The Coolbellup Community Hub, 
                  90 Cordelia Ave, Coolbellup
  • WHEN:     Term 1 2017
  • COST:      $1 per week
  • BRING: Drink and lunchbox with food for your child to eat at snack time (eg: sandwiches, fruit, crackers and cheese)

More Info:  Phone Jayne or Mandy: 9411 3855
or email


A Cockburn Early Years & Cockburn Family support event

Aboriginal Parents & Grandparents Support Group

What will we be doing?tears and tantrums

Sharing friendship, sharing time, sharing experiences - Listening, Craft, Food, Fun, Friendship, Stories, learning, laughter.

  • Cost:           Free - (Free childcare)
  • Where:        Coolbellup Community Hub
                       90 Cordelia Avenue, Coolbellup
  • Day:            Meets weekly on Wednesday (School term)
  • Time:          10.30 to 12.30
  • More Info:  Phone Jayne or Sylvia : 9411 3855 or 9411 3851 or email

MY TIME is an Australian Government initiative coordinated by the Parenting Research Centre and locally coordinated and supported by Ngala Community Services



              To register for these workshops and classes phone Cockburn Early Years 94113855

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This project  is provided by City of Cockburn and funded by the State Government through the Department of Local Government and Communities.  

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